Brazilian Portuguese is spoken in different countries around the world in very similar ways.

However, for those that are native speakers of the language, the awareness of national differences is very clear.
Lets check a few diferences between Portuguese from Brazil and Portuguese from Portugal.

Spelling and Grammar

There are a few words that are spelled in a diferente way. For example, reception in Portuguese from Portugal means “receção”and in BP adds an audible p to the word.
Brazilians are very creative when they use the Portuguese language as they turn nouns into verbs. An example is the Portuguese Expression “dar os parabéns” that means to congratulate someone. However, Brazilian people changed the expression into one single work/verb – Parabenizar!

The assimilation of foreign words into BP that is written with a phonetic change is also an important difference. Check the example: media is “mídia” in BP and “media” in Portuguese from Portugal).

SOTAQUES- Different Accents
Very often we find Portuguese learners that find BP to be more phonetically pleasing to the ear than European Portuguese.
Brazilian people usually speak more slowly and with a strong cadence. THis makes Brazilian Portuguese easier to understand.

There are a few words that are quite different in both languages. Check the list below:
Train: TREM (BP) and COMBOIO (Portuguese from Portugal).
Bus: ÔNIBUS (BP) and AUTOCARRO (Portuguese from Portugal).
Suit: TERNO (BP) and FATO (Portuguese from Portugal).
Buttocks: BUNDA (BP) and RABO (Portuguese from Portugal).
Ice cream: SORVETE (BP) and GELADO (portuguese from Portugal).

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