Countries that speak portuguese

If you have decided to learn portuguese you should know that this is not just another language. If you can speak our language you will be able to  communicate with more than 260 million people from 4 different continents (Europe, South America, Asia and Áfica.  You will now get more information related with some of the countries that speak the portuguese idiom.


Capital: Lisbon

Main Cities: Lisbon (capital) and Porto (north of the country)

Currency: Euro (€, EURO)

Population: 10.4 million people

Climate: Great! Mediterranean climate.

Personalities: Cristiano Ronaldo, José Mourinho, Fernando Pessoa, José Saramago (nobel prize)

Main Dishes: Codfish, fish and seafood.


Brazil is the sixth largest country in the world. More than 200 million people live here. Brazil has the longest  coastline in the planet. The Brazilian national drink is the caipirinha (cachaça with sugar, ice and lime).

Capital: Brasília

Location: Biggest country of South America

Main Cities: Brasília, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

Currency: Real (R$) (BRL)

Population: 202.7 million people

Government: Federal presidential constitutional republic

Climate: Most of the country is tropical

Personalities: Dilma Rousseff (President of Brazil), Lula da Silva (Ex. President of Brasil), Gisele Bündchen, Neymar (sportsman), Daniela Mercury (Singer)

Main Dishes: Feijoada do Sudeste, Acarajé do Nordeste, Picanha

Languages: Portuguese (Official language)


Mozambique was colonized by Portugal in 1505. It was released by Portugal in 1975 after the carnation revolution (Lisbon, 1974).

Capital: Maputo

Location: Africa

Main Cities: Maputo and Nampula

Currency: Mozambican metical (MZN)

Population: 25 million people

Climate: tropical climate with two seasons.

Personalities:  Mia Couto and João Paulo Coelho

Main Dishes: Xiguinha and Mucapata

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