To learn portuguese, language students spend years building up their confidence by studying with textbooks, rules and super expensive E-learning platforms. However, once they arrive to Portugal, Brazil or other countries that speak portuguese, their confidence is shattered when they can’t communicate with native speakers.


Learn Portuguese – Strategies

Portuguese idiom is considered to be the sixth most spoken language in the planet. Many people don’t know that in Brazil, people speak portuguese. There isn’t a brazilian language, brazilian people speak portuguese (from Portugal).

If you’re planning to go to Brazil or Portugal, you will need to learn a few words and expressions to help you. You will probably need to buy a phrasebook and you will probably try to memorize a few phrases in portuguese.

If you want to get into the idiom, which I truly recommend, you should know that 300 million people speak portuguese in the world and 200 million in Brazil.

Portuguese language is an important idiom. It is similiar to Spanish.  If you already speak spanish, portuguese will be easy for you because vocabulary and grammar are very similar.


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Learn portuguese – Get a simple grammar book

First tip on learning Portuguese? I suggest a very simple gramar book. How should you pick the right book for you? If you’re starting from scratch just keep it simple. The smaller and simpler the better!

The book will be a resource that you go back to again and again to check the rules and clarify your doubts. You can’t absorb everything, you need to go back and pick a bit more every day.

If you decide to learn portuguese you need to know that there are funny things that portuguese speakers do. For example, ‘to think’ is not only “pensar”. Very often they use ”achar”. They also have verbs like “ficar” which is “ to stay” or ‘to be’ or ‘to get’. You have to analyze the context and decide what is the best translation.

Portuguese is a very interesting language for several reasons. They have interesting uses of the infinitive that we don’t find in other languages (they “bend” verbs). They have a personal infinitive (“infinitivo pessoal”) and then they have future subjunctive that, very often looks like the infinitive.

All these topics can be found on our books and our E-learning platforms. However, it is very hard to learn parts of the portuguese grammar without the help of a teacher that will also expose yourself to the portuguese sounds.

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Should I learn european portuguese or brazilian portuguese?

There are students who wonder before they start studying Portuguese, should I study European portuguese or Brazilian portuguese?

Our opinion is that it doesn’t really matter. The pronunciation is quite different. It will be easier for you to understand people in Brazil because they pronounce all the vowels. Portuguese people “swallow” the words, they kind of chew them.

The differences are hard to notice when you’re a beginner. Here what you should do: just start!

If you can already speak spanish or if you are a spanish native speaker, you have to change your habits. The way like spanish people use their vowels is very different from portuguese. The sound of the vowels are much more “closed” in portuguese and it is very hard to change the accent from Spanish to Portuguese.

Learn portuguese – use interesting content

You should be interested in tuning yourself to how they structure the language, how the language works.  In Portugal, they use “tu – you informal” and in Brazil they use “você – you formal and informal” – third person of the singular.

Try both (european portuguese and portuguese from brazil). Listen, read and explore these two possibilities. At same point you will choose one of the routes.

Which are the things that motivate you to learn this language?

The most importante tip I have on learning portuguese (or any other idiom) is, you have to be motivated! Every single person has to find out the best route to learn the idiom.  You can achieve fluency, but at the same time you need to understand that learning a language is not a 100 meters race, it a marathon!

If you want to be fluent in portuguese, just go for it! Read, study, listen, speak! Portuguese for someone that speaks english is more or less easy to learn. If you can speak italian, french or spanish it will be even easier. We are not saying that learning a language is “piece of cake”, it is not. But it is definitely achievable. What are you waiting for?

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Learn portuguese – Our materials

All these topics can be found on our books and our E-learning platforms. However, it is very hard to learn parts of the portuguese grammar without the help of a teacher that will also expose yourself to the portuguese idiom.

Listening to our Audio Podcasts and watching our videos is a great way to expose yourself to the language that portuguese native speakers speak. With our materials you will learn our local expressions and you will discover our culture.

You can use our materials to supplement a course that you are doing or as an entertaining way to expand your vocabulary. We have materials for A1, A2 and B1 students. You will be surprised by how much you will learn with our materials!

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